antages of Home Gyms

A big advantage of most home gyms is that they are big! They can fit in a variety of machines for many different exercises that you probably don’t have room for at home. However, a home gym can allow you to do many different exercises on one piece of equipment in a relatively small area. Thus, if you have space for a home gym and know what equipment you need to do the exercises you want to do, that may be the better alternative.

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Then there’s that consideration we all care about – money. Gym memberships vary widely in cost, with all sorts of deals for the “last day of the special low, low price.” Let’s say you are serious about getting in shape and would pay $400 per year for a membership. Would you stop after the first year? What if you got low on money? Compare that to buying a $700 home gym that you could use for many years into the future. Financially, you’d be far ahead buying the equipment. That’s what gyms do and that’s how they make money!


There’s also the other consideration we all care about – time. How long does it take to get to and from the gym? If you’re close, its 15 minutes each way. Half an hour per day, three times per week, 50 weeks… that’s seventy-five hours per year! If you make $20 per hour, that’s worth $1,500 per year to you. Hmm… doesn’t look so good there, either.


Worse, what else could you be doing with that time? If you work out at home, you could be watching TV, waiting for that phone call, watching the kids, and listening to whatever you want to on your sound system. Convenience!


And now that we have dispensed with the logical reasons, we are left with perhaps the most important reason people would rather work out at home. They don’t want anyone to see what bad shape they are in! That’s not you, of course, but perhaps you’d like to be in better shape before showing your body off, eh?


What kind of machine you should buy depends on your budget, space available, and what you want to accomplish with your exercise routine. People who like running tend to buy treadmills. People concerned about their joints tend to buy elliptical machines. A common decision is to purchase is a home gym that allows multiple exercises PLUS buying either a treadmill or elliptical. This allows both weight-bearing muscle training and cardio-vascular training.


Home Fitness Treadmill


When it comes to running and walking, there is a host of benefits that it can have for your body. Running/walking is probably one of the hardest things to make a habit of for several various reasons. Some would rather not be seen out of doors until what they present looks better. Some live in areas where the weather in inclement a lot of the time. Some do not have the excessively high amount of money each month to invest in a health club and would rather not be there in front of prying eyes. For whatever reason, a home treadmill can be the answer that will encourage you to exercise and take away any fears you have of doing it out in the open. 


Having a treadmill at home is a great way to motivate yourself to exercise more. If you have the space, point the treadmill toward your television and start walking and or running as you’re watching your favorite programs. You’ll be multitasking in a most enjoyable way. It’s true based on most people that I know that exercise, being distracted by the television while you exercise will help you stay on that treadmill longer which will help you obtain your goals faster. 


If you don’t have the space to keep your treadmill in front of your television, that’s okay too. Several of the ProForm treadmills which can be found at: Space Savers are made with a space-saving design which will allow you to easily pull it out for use, and just as easily fold it and store it out of the way for next time. 


On days when there is inclement weather or during the winter months when the temperature can dip below freezing in some parts of the country and world, having a treadmill at home will allow you to continue your exercise and fitness routine uninterrupted. Interruptions due to weather can far too easily become excuses to give up exercising. After a few days of bad weather, you’ll find other things to keep yourself busy and soon you’ll be back to thinking that you simply don’t have time for exercise which is certainly not true. There’s always time for what you consider to be important so don’t let bad weather become an excuse, always be able to exercise by having the right equipment at home. 


If you’re concerned that a treadmill is a large investment of which you may not be able to afford, think again. There are several treadmills at: Cheap Treadmills that will fall into the cheap category. This will make them affordable for just about everyone. There are also payment options that will make purchasing one of these treadmills even easier on you and your wallet. With a little investment, you’ll soon me looking at a healthier, fit and trim, you.  

Having a treadmill at home is a great way to ensure that you have every reason to exercise… every day. Even if you can only put in 10 minutes a day, that’s 70 minutes per week and over 400 minutes per month! Invest in yourself by investing in one of these machines. They are available immediately through our secure, Verisign, HackerSafe, shopping cart. 


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Cardio vs. Weights

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Compound vs Isolation Excercise

Perhaps you’ve heard people say that you need to “isolate” a muscle in order to derive the maximum benefit from the exercise. The idea is that you should use only that muscle you want to target, without working other muscle groups at the same time.


Why Should You Buy a Home Gym?

Fitness is commonly associated with the sort of cardiovascular conditioning that results from training on a treadmill or elliptical trainer.


Home Gym Workout Guidelines

How to train with weights has been the subject of innumerable books and magazine articles. As the popularity of weight training has surged in the past thirty years, the science of it has progressed as well.

Not that health clubs are so common and we see people jogging and riding bikes everywhere, it is sometimes difficult to think that it was not always this way. 

Should You Care Where Your Home Gym Equipment Was Manufactured?

Not long ago, it was common to see the “Made in the USA” label on consumer goods. That suggested that buying a product with this label not only delivered superior quality. 

Resistance Systems For Home Gyms

If you are you confused by the different kinds of resistance systems used by home gyms, read on. The many kinds of resistance are offered by weight stacks, plates, power rods, leverage, magnetic resistance, and bands. 

Where to Buy Home Exercise Equipment?

What is the best kind of place to buy home exercise equipment? This article discusses the pros and cons of each source – retail, online affiliate, online manufacturer, and online dealer.


Weight Training Delays Dementia

New studies from April 2012 show the effects of exercise for preventing Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.


Running May Delay Alzheimer’s

Even more new research linking exercise and Alzheimer’s.

Home Gym Safety and Children

Keep your equipment safe from accidents by the kids!

Home Gym Workout Guidelines

How to train with weights has been the subject of innumerable books and magazine articles. As the popularity of weight training has surged in the past thirty years, the science of it has progressed as well. What follows is a summary of the theories of weight training, with special emphasis on the issues that a new home gym user is likely to confront.

Home Gym Workouts

What To Do – For a muscle to grow, it must be worked hard. Sorry, there is no easy way out of this. The expression “No pain, no gain” is widely misunderstood. It is really only a simple way to say “If you don’t do any hard work, you won’t see much progress.” In this way, it is unlike cardiovascular training, in which calories can be used up during a fairly comfortable routine. This hard work requirement is often conveyed by the admonishment that each set of exercises should be done to “failure.” In other words, that you should keep doing until you cannot do any more. This is also sometimes referred to as “intensity.” 

Exercise gurus have long disagreed on how much weight to use. They also disagree on how many repetitions to do and how fast or slow to do them. The right answers to these questions depend largely on your objectives. These may even be the wrong questions. A better question may be how much time you muscles should be under resistance. Another area of disagreement is whether it is better to do partial repetitions or work a muscle through its full range of motion.  

How Long to Do It – It may be better to work harder, but there are few proponents for working out longer. It is not possible to work muscles with maximum intensity for long periods. Thirty minutes all out is enough. After about forty-five minutes, the release of your muscle-building hormones drops off dramatically.  

How Often to Do It – If you work a muscle to failure, it will take time for that muscle to first recover and then to grow. It is during this rest that the strength is really built. More often is not better. Working your muscles while they are still recovering only delays progress and could even prevent it. It takes young people a couple of days to recover, while older people do better on a week or more of rest. This difference is largely due to the reduced release of growth hormone as we age. Intense weight training can actually increase the release of growth hormone, but it requires adequate rest to benefit from it. One way people reconcile the need for intense, brief workouts with their desire to work out and make quick progress is to work some parts of the body one day and other parts on other days.  

So Why Isn’t Everyone in Good Shape? – Many beginners make the mistake of copying complicated workouts from magazines or books. Beware of complications! The mostly likely thing to hold someone back is a lack of discipline. Many home gym users lose their motivation soon after trying all the latest gimmicks and workouts. People using home gyms suffer the same problem as people at the big gyms. They start out with the best intentions, but soon give up. All it takes is consistency. You’ll get results if you just don’t quit. 

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